Create your own custom minecraft or bukkit server for free! Be an operator / owner / admin

Be an owner/operator on your own minecraft or bukkit server in just a few minutes. Register for a free account, then go to the server launch page.

After choosing a map, and minecraft operators, your server it will appear in your server list with in a minute or two. Just connect to the ip address and port to start plaing

The server will automatically close if there is no activity for 10 minutes

There are many minecraft maps to choose from on our system. You can choose to play anyone of them even after your server is running, just browse to the My Servers page and select a new map

Save your maps so you can play them again when the server time runs out.

When launching your minecraft server you have the option to choose whether to save the map or not. If you save it, you can play it at a later time.

Upload and play your own maps.

After registering you can upload your own minecraft worlds to play. Share maps so your friends can play

If you have questions please use the contact us page.